How to join Bancalet?

What is Bancalet?

The concept of Bancalet refers to the smallest piece of land used for cultivating. Moreover it is about our way of talking about smallholding that brings us to the very roots of our Mediterranean culture. It also symbolizes the reconnection of Marina Alta region with its territory, its economy and its people. The pride of preserving its legacy through gastronomy and offering it to our visitors.


Knowing and recognizing the products and services linked to the agri-food culture from Dénia and Marina Alta in the point of sale and/or consumption. A seal that helps to highlight the products and services from the territory. It shows the participants in the program their commitment to good practices, culture, society and environment as a reference for the community.


Preserving the recipes, products, methods and practices which are behind the recovery and enhancement of knowledge that proves to be valid, but increasingly threatened. Making visible the crucial role of farmers, producers, and chefs when it comes to preserving biodiversity, landscapes and farming systems, traditional arts and techniques.


Collaborating in an experience of common advantage with the outstanding Bancalet seal supporting local markets and projects that contribute to improving the agri-food system from Marina Alta. Hence, promoting consumption with a positive impact on the territory.


Connecting the whole food value chain in which customers play an important part. Encouraging the recovery, elaboration and consumption of local produce and classic or innovative recipes inspired by tradition. Consolidating the hospitality and tourism industry as protectors, promoters and defenders of cuisine heritage and local produce.


Committing to the Unesco Creative Cities Network in order to promote improvement programs in management, marketing, research and innovation in the agri-food production, transformation, sales and consumption. The recognition by Unesco also implies a clear commitment to fulfill the objectives set in the project and the acceptance of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN.

How can I join?

These are the steps you have to follow to register and apply for the Bancalet trademark:

With assistance

Choose one of the following options:

  1. Request an appointment through the OAC municipal website of Dénia.
  2. Call 96 646 70 09.
  3. Send an email to

Without assistance

  1. Make sure you have the digital signature beforehand.
  2. Access the Electronic Office of Dénia City Council
  3. Once inside the link, follow these steps:
    1. Download, complete and save the documents in Annex I and the Bancalet trademark application.
    2. Click on “Electronic registration processing”.
    3. Select “New application” and attach the documents from the previous step (Annex I and application for membership).
    4. Send the application and submit it.
    5. Perform the self-signature.