How to join Bancalet?

Who will be granted the Bancalet seal?

  • Produce from cultivation, farming, fishing, elaboration or production in Marina Alta.
  • Hospitality, food industry and shops selling produce from Marina Alta. 
  • Craftspersons of devices and/or tools from Marina Alta related to the agri-food sector.
  • Companies delivering tourist services related to the production, marketing, tasting or spreading of Marina Alta’s agro-food heritage.
  • Charities from Marina Alta linked to the activities and principles of Bancalet.

What advantages does it offer to participants?

  • More positive impact and prestige.
  • Having identification and promotional items.
  • Presence in local and international activities. 
  • Recognition of socially and environmentally responsible practices.
  • Access to training and innovation actions.
  • Becoming a visible part of the Unesco Creative Cities Network.

Do you want to be part of Bancalet?

You can join if you are agri-food producer. You own a transformation and/or production company. You have a business or you own a food produce distribution company in Marina Alta. You run a hospitality or tourist business in Marina Alta. You are craftperson making items related to agriculture or food. Just send us your contact details to find out more about how to be granted the Bancalet seal for you to use it.

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