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Les Herbetes de la Plaça


Les Herbetes de la Plaça is a small family store in the Municipal Market of Denia, with more than 12 years of experience, where you can find the best natural products and proximity, oriented to food, dietetics and natural health. Our products are always from trusted producers, of proximity and if possible of Kilometer zero, and always at fair prices and with the best attention and advice.

We have the largest variety of honeys, pollen, jellies, honeycombs, propolis, etc. from beekeepers of the Marina Alta. Honeys of orange blossom, acacia, almond, heather, forest, chestnut, holm oak, lavender, lemon, loquat, millefeuille, eucalyptus, manuka, creamy honeys and some more.

We also have a great variety of AVOE olive oils from Diania: Alfafarenca, blanqueta, picual, arbequina, manzanilla, in several formats: Crystal, can, carafes. Pure olive juice from the Marina Alta and Sierra Mariola.

We also have the largest variety of Dénia of medicinal plants, aromatic herbs, herbal teas and teas, as well as the largest variety of spices and natural condiments.

In the section of dietetics, we have a wide range of natural supplements in the form of capsules, tablets, extracts, essential oils, etc.

Finally, in terms of natural and organic dietary food, we have flakes, seeds, flours, oils, cereals, etc.

Surely you already know us, but if you don't, don't miss it.