How to join Bancalet?

Bancalet turns the sounds of the Marina Alta into the music of its spot.

The work "Sentir La Marina" has been composed by the musician Javier Pinto from Dianes based on sounds collected in different parts of the region.

What does La Marina Alta sound like? Village bells, farmers' footsteps on the land, boats arriving in port, reeds swaying in the wind, the silences of wineries, craftsmanship in the squares... All these sounds and many more form part of the work "Sentir La Marina", the music that accompanies the presentation spot for Bancalet, the brand of the agri-food sector of the Marina Alta.

The launch video was presented last Friday and is being very well received and shared by the public on social networks. And just a few days later, the video of the "making of" the music was presented, in which you can see how the musician Javier Pinto has been catching those characteristic sounds and including them in a very special music.


Video “Sentir la Marina”:


Download the music here:

Download .mp3

"The region can be told in many ways. We wanted to do it visually, of course, by showing the territory. But also in a different way, through music, which is also one of our products that identify us, incorporating those sounds, rhythms and even silences that are so much our own into a melody that accompanies the landscapes of the Marina Alta," said the composer Javier Pinto.


More than 50 brands are already part of Bancalet

Bancalet is the brand that unites, identifies and promotes the agri-food sector of the Marina Alta. An initiative launched by the Dénia Town Council that in just a few weeks of running has already attracted the interest and applications of more than 50 members, half of which have already completed all the procedures to become part of the brand. Bancalet brings together producers, traders, restaurateurs, artisans, tourism companies and entities related to gastronomy and preservation of the culture of the Marina Alta.

To make itself known, in this first phase, the brand is present in the different markets and events related to the agri-food sector and a personalised management is being carried out with each possible interested party to facilitate the arrangements and provide the necessary information quickly.

In addition, both on social networks and on this website, information is being provided on the steps to follow in order to form a network of connections and common interests that will bring benefits to all the parties involved in this special initiative.


Spot “La Millor Marca de la terra”:


List of sounds incorporated into "Sentir la Marina”.

  • Farmer steps: Jesús Pobre
  • Bar environment: Ràfol d'Almunia
  • Stream: Alcalalí
  • Wine amphora: Jesús Pobre
  • Wine barrel: Parcent
  • Bowls: Gata de Gorgos
  • Fish boxes: Dénia
  • Bells: Jesús Pobre
  • Water fountain: Vall de Laguar
  • Market: Dénia
  • Boat: Dénia
  • Sea waves: Dénia
  • Reeds and birds: Alcalalí
  • Footpaths: Vall de Laguar
  • River: Xaló
  • Tractor: Llíber
  • Wine glasses: Jesús Pobre