Tossut Sustanaible Agroecology
  • Partida Pouets
    03750 Pedreguer, Marina Alta (Alacant)

Tossut Sustanaible Agroecology


Tossut olive oil, was conceived from a particular initiative in order to dignify local produce. It all starts in a family farm located in Muntanya Gran Mountain, in the town of Pedreguer, where the premium organic extra virgin olive oil is elaborated following the recovery of the cultivation in our lands and an early harvesting.

The oil is produced neatly and cleanly, with a forced cooling system (19 °C/ 66.2 °F) together with the preservation and mixture of olive varieties that brings a balanced sweet, bitter and spicy taste. All together the olive oil becomes of an excellent quality bringing its own taste.

Currently, the farm is certified by the Committee of Organic Agriculture of the Valencian Community and it has been granted operator code: CAECV CV 5139 PV

Heroic Viticulture

The passion for agriculture is also transferred to extreme ways of harvesting wine grapes, by recovering the agricultural heritage, which is based on cultivating accross dry stone margins and the traditional varieties of the area such as Gironet.