Endèmica Natura


Maria Roselló is in charge of Endèmica Natura, an Active Tourism and Ecotourism company that has been promoting environmental awareness in the Marina Alta region since 2017 through group and personalized experiences.

Each season agritourism experiences are different, depending on the season, there are herbs, fruits or flowers that have gastronomic, medicinal, cosmetic or decorative uses. They will share recipes and many ideas to introduce into our diet the foods that surround us.

Some examples of the experiences available are:

#DelBancalAlPlat: agritourism and ethnobotany, traditional uses and forgotten uses of cultivated plants and wild herbs, tasting of buds, flowers, leaves and fruits (spring, summer, winter, autumn).

Citrotourism: guided tour of flowering, harvesting, tasting (winter).

Oleotourism: guided tour, harvesting, tasting (autumn).

Hanami: guided tour, almond/cherry blossom, tasting (late winter/spring).

They have toxic-free places where visits and workshops can be held, although Maria also travels to homes and fields where the owners want to encourage interaction with visitors or customers.

Agritourism allows us to value every element of the production chain of our food: from the type and quality of soil and water to the great variety of wild herbs that grow in the orchards and terraces among fruit trees and Mediterranean vegetation.

It is not about being a farmer for a day, it is about living an experience that makes you reflect and change unsustainable consumption habits. We have the opportunity to recover traditional knowledge and we have to do everything possible to create a food model worthy of all parties.