Arròs Dénia (rice)
  • CV 700 - km 65 Dénia. Alicante. España

Arròs Dénia (rice)


Arròs Denia is a trademark that delivers a return to the origins, to the cultivation of rice in the Pego-Oliva Marsh, whose cultivation dates back to 1859. After decades devoted to vegetables or citrus growing, they decided not to go against nature and return to the original rice cultivation along the marsh. A large area that includes 215 hectares of wetlands, comprising the provinces of Alicante and Valencia.

The Rincón del Rosario farm is located in Marina Alta region, and it is intended to draw visitors and to recover species of birds such as the osprey, in addition to offering its own high-quality rice varieties, such as bomba and bombó.

The two rice references in the farm are the bomba and the bombó.

Bomba is the main variety, with a pearly colour and consistent appearance. This variety is a gem in the local cuisine. It is highly absorbent rice, resistant to overcooking, and ideal for cooking paellas and other rice dishes.

The bombó rice variety emerged from oblivion and it has been recently recovered by farmers. This local variety was lost for more than fifty years due to the use of pesticides some decades ago.

Sustainable production methods are used for cultivating it so that the bombó delivers great flavour and consistency together with a fluffy texture. Accordingly, it is highly appreciated for cooking creamy rice dishes or meloso ones.